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untitled-9My name is Larry Bosco and I have always had the urge to drop everything and travel.  To constantly experience what is over the next mountain. I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky, but have lived here and there over the years. In January 2011 I made the decision to retire and seek a home outside the United States. After selling off everything I owned, I headed out in search of a new place to live. What really convinced me that I needed to make a change was the ever increasing cost of living (especially health care) in the US.  It seemed as if I was going backwards in slow motion.  Being a real estate appraiser during the market collapse and seeing my business take a nose dive was the catalyst for me to start thinking “Is this all there is”?  Do I really need to stay in the United States I asked myself?  There had to be a better place, a cheaper place, a more sensible place to live.  In 2010 I had begun to read about retiring abroad and investigating what it meant to be an expat.   I developed a short list of places to check out……..Thailand, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama……..and headed out.

The journey started out in Singapore and moved on to Thailand, Bali, Turkey, Italy, Argentina, and Ecuador. Along the way I talked to other travelers I met, picking up information on where to go and where not to go.  I finally landed in Cuenca, Ecuador and thought I could live here. Unfortunately, I made two important discoveries in the year that I lived in Cuenca……..the first being I cannot live at high altitudes. Cuenca was over 8.000 feet up in the Andes Mountains and I never acclimated to the thin air. I was always short of breath.  The second thing I learned is that I can’t live any one place too long. I get bored!

Many of my friends and family continue to suggest that I might be crazy for doing this at 68. Everyone says how courageous I am. They might be right about crazy but I’m certainly not courageous.  I’m not wealthy and I have no ear for languages……..what I have is a desire to see the world, experience life and if I’m lucky stumble across a great place to live. If as people say, 80% of life is just showing up, then that is all I have done…….put a pack on my back, swallowed my fear and just showed up.

What is this blog about? It’s about travel, impressions, people in transition and my quirky observations. And it’s also about the possibility of finding a new place that works for me……..or several places.  It’s about me and if you have similar dreams it could be about you as well.

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  1. Barbara Ray says:

    Hi Larry, My husband Jim and I are the couple who met up with your sister Joyce in Cuenca and shared some adventures with her there. We, too, want to travel and see the world. I also think there has got to be a place that works better and makes more sense than staying in the U.S. on a limited retirement income. We are headed back to Ecuador to see the Northern Highlands and revisit Vilcabamba in August. I’d like to keep track of your further adventures and wish you success in finding the best combination of people, environment and culture for you. –Barbara

  2. Mary Groft says:

    So glad you’ve started this blog, Larry.

    I already love hearing about your great adventure and I’ll bet there’s lots more to come. What an adventure!

    Mary – still in Louisville

  3. Sharon T says:

    Larry, you are living a dream so many of us have! I love reading about your experiences and the pictures are wonderful. You write so well, too! Please continue to record your journey for those of us who may never log many miles beyond Louisville (which we love)…you may not consider yourself courageous, but I sure do. It’s pretty gutsy to take a giant leap of faith into unknown countries & cultures. Enjoy the ride and thanks for taking all of us along with you through your blog! – Sharon

  4. Barbara Hood says:

    I’m glad there are other wanderers in this world. Enjoy seeing your photos and hearing about your experiences.

  5. Peyman and Elizabeth says:

    Larry, we are excited to live vicariously through you until it’s time for us to have our own similar adventures. Keep blogging – we love learning about these places and seeing what you are up to – you are our adventure hero!!

  6. Carolyn Williams says:

    Ahhhh, what a breath of fresh air! Love the blog, pix, and the joy your “all peoples–one world” journey brings to us all! Happy trails! Love & cheers! Carolyn

  7. Angela Margaritelli says:

    Hi Larry,
    Well your family think your crazy……..join the club, I have been like you but for years and took off at 18 now still wandering but decided to come back to Thailand without thinking in a space of two days however having lived here for two years in 81 and 82 when one was too young and stupid to appreciate how lucky I was to be loving here then.Anyway keep doing what your doing and when I come to Ching Mai I will get in touch in the mean time if your down here drop in and say hello in Hua Hin .

  8. David Lapidos says:

    Larry, I still think that you should consider the quest for a widowed dowager.

    Regards and envy,

  9. Diane Kimsey-Minor says:

    Hey Bosco, Kimsey here, just letting you know that I am following your very long strides. Love you, your doin’ good.

  10. Corinna says:

    Hej Larry,
    greetings from Berlin! Maybe you remember us from the hostel in Antalya, where we met two times for breakfast… We did the coast-trail there.
    Hope you´ve a great time!
    If you come to Germany, you´re always welcome!
    All the best,

  11. Gary Sisk says:

    So glad to run across your blog, I will be keeping up with you on your travels. I think live begins at 63! I moved to Cuenca in 2011 and still loving it except for the thin air! Ha!
    Good luck to you and I will be with you on your travels.


  12. Julie Wright says:

    It’s like finding ones other part…I cannot believe how similar our thoughts are

    I too sold up everything….good risks..travelled the world and am still doing it!

    What’s round that corner?..it’s my mantra

    So I will definitely be following your blog….and I love your photos……

    I wish you safe travelling and hope to meet again soon

    • Larry Bosco says:

      Julie, Glad you like the blog and do hope you will continue to follow me. I too am always wondering about whatever is on the other side of the mountain and it fuels my desire to travel…always.

      Safe travels to you as well and I am sure we will meet again in the not too distant future.

  13. Karen Ray Simpson says:

    WOW, Larry! I’m impressed and oh so envious in some ways. You certainly are courageous. Would love to know how you finance flights between countries and continents and living arrangements. I have missed you these many years, as well as Mary. Contact me please. Much love, Karen

    • Larry Bosco says:

      Dear Karen,

      It has only been 24 years…how time flies. I was amazed to get your message…may I ask how did you stumble upon my blog. I travel cheap and live most of the year in low cost places..Mexico, Turkey,Thailand.. but as you guessed it is the damn airfare that cause the most damage to my budget. I live on about $20,000 to $24,000 a year and most of my income comes from Social Security. It is still possible to live many places outside the US on ones pension. If it is too much for you in the US there are alternatives out there in the world. How are you and the rest of the Family doing. Warmest Regards, Larry

  14. mindy desens says:

    Hi Larry, I met you at the Smith Residence a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if you’re still in Chiang Mai or headed back to Turkey. I managed a few days in Siem Reap Cambodia last week and loved it! Back for one more day to CM before heading back to cold Minnesota. Next year I hope to stay a little longer than a month. What you’re doing is great, I can totally relate. My grandson will keep me from leaving on super long stretches, but I plan to visit quite a few more countries before I retire from traveling. I’m up to 61 so far, and will be adding Mongolia to that list this fall. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a great example of what we elderly folk (LOL!) should be doing.

    • Larry Bosco says:

      Mindy, Just landed in Yangon yesterday. Love the look and feel of the country…only here for two weeks but it will be a good overview and sets me up for a return trip. As long as I can put the bag in the overhead by myself I will keep doing what I’m doing. Enjoy your travels and stay warm.

  15. Barbara Hood says:

    How is Turkey? I love the photos of Burma. A friend I met in Ethiopia spent about 4 months there 15 or so years ago. She said for all its beauty it was very depressing and intimating. She was on sabbatical and was traveling with a friend. Her friend was involved in some sort of research. It appears things are improving.
    All is well in Cuenca. We are finally getting some rain. The garden and plantings are looking much better.

  16. Diane Kimsey-Minor says:

    Hi again, old friend,

    We had a flood and are now 12′ higher off the ground.
    Glad to know where you are now as I have had long term computer problems and have missed so many of your posts.

  17. Ann Price Davis says:

    Friends of mine have put me onto some reading to understand Croatia: Girl at War, Pretty Birds and The Red Chairs. Must say I learned the most about the geography from Zagred Cowboy. Istrian Peninsula and Slovenia are great.

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