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An Unexpected Find…

Posted ago by Larry Bosco

a magical sculpture garden in the old city…. Most mornings I wander around the city exploring, taking photos and getting myself familiarized with my new home.  I poke in and out of little streets (called Soi), some of which, are more »

Chiang Mai Gate My New Neighborhood

Posted ago by Larry Bosco

In The Hood… A block from my serviced apartment, the Smith Residence, is the Chiang Mai Gate a busy spot on the south of the walled city.  I should explain that the old City of Chiang Mai is surrounded by more »

Chiang Mai, my new home town?

Posted ago by Larry Bosco

Well after a year in Cuenca, Ecuador I’ve hit the road again and I am back in the Land of Flip-flops.  I wasn’t unhappy in Cuenca; in fact I was quite content.  The cost of living was low; the climate more »