My Journey

Where I’ve traveled

I know it’s not a race or a contest. There is no prize for the most countries visited in a lifetime. However, I am vain enough to like keeping a list so this is where I have been so far…..United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands, Myanmar, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Cayman Islands,  Monaco and Vatican City. So I have visited 39 countries and there is only 154 more till I get the prize……right!

2 Responses to My Journey

  1. John Ruccio says:

    Very smooth!

  2. Louis says:

    Hi Larry. It’s all very inspiring. How did you come up with your list of places to visit? I’m the guy that’s going with David to Turkey this summer. I met you in Cuenca too.

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